New Jersey to Vaccinate 500,000 Residents in Coming Month

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has revealed the Garden State’s plan to vaccinate 500,000 residents within the coming month. The state has already vaccinated 2,149 healthcare workers. 

Doses of the recently-approved 94% effective Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrived today, with about 212,000 additional vaccines set to arrive within the coming week. Unfortunately, the half-a-million figure is not as high as originally planned; the original vaccination rollout plan was scrapped on account of a calculation error from the Surgeon General that cost New Jersey 100,000 vaccine doses. 

Governor Murphy spoke on the matter of reduced vaccines in an interview with CBS. “That’s less than we thought, but we’re going to use every one of them. I’m satisfied with the government’s guidance but not satisfied with their resources. We need a lot more help. We’ll take it, we’ll put it to good use, but it’s a fraction of what we need.”

The first receivers of the jab within New Jersey, as with the greater United States, are frontline healthcare workers as well as residents and employees of care homes. After this, the immunocompromised and those over the age of seventy-five will be vaccinated, followed by essential workers, and then by the general population. 

Governor Murphy outlined his plan to have 70% of New Jersey adults — 4.5 million people — immunized to the novel coronavirus within six months. “This is an incredibly complex challenge and I’m sure there will be bumps in the road,” he said. “We’ve got to get there sooner than later.” 

He also stressed that the vaccine is indeed safe and effective, saying, “This thing is for real, it’s safe, it works, and we need folks to get it. They shouldn’t worry for one second about the pocketbook issue. We have to overcome the suspicions around this.”