The Futility of Impeachment

By Spaulding Bingaman

As 2020 came to a close, the country exhaled a breath of relief to turn the page on four years beset with political, social, and economic blunders. Unfortunately, the Democrat party seems eager to enter 2021 with a new blunder: the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Promising a “return to normalcy” echoing William Harding, the Democrats campaigned on wanting Trump and his antics to be expelled out of our nation’s capital. But as soon as Trump left the White House, the Democrat establishment has been determined to drag him back into the public eye for the purpose of political theatre. To truly understand why this seemingly moot impeachment trial is going to cost the Democrats more than they will earn, it is important to review the facts.

With just two weeks remaining in office, President Trump hosted a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington D.C. with thousands of supporters in attendance. After a speech filled with fiery rhetoric and falsehoods about the legitimacy of the 2020 election results, Trump’s supporters marched on the capitol, leading to a riot breached the capitol building and left five dead. Although indisputably committed by some of his staunchest supporters, President Trump decried the violence on the capitol as “vicious” and “evil.” With such little time left in office, members of the Democrat party within the House rushed to compile and vote on articles of impeachment in the days following the deadly riot. With the charge of “incitement of insurrection” being put forth by the Democrats in the waning days of the Trump presidency, the country responded with a resounding shrug.

The hard truth that awaits the Democrat party following this impeachment trial is that the American people are simply uninterested in impeaching Trump nearly a month after he has left office. If the Democrats truly cared about ending the “circus” that they branded on the Trump presidency, then why are the Democrats so intent on drudging it up again? As Americans die from COVID daily and families continue to struggle in the fractured economy, the United States Senate will be conducting a weeks-long impeachment trial of a president who is no longer in office. This goes without mentioning that the prospects of convicting President Trump verge on the impossible as seventeen Republican senators would have to vote to convict him. 

Closed within their echo chamber of likeminded voters and politicians, the Democrat establishment have become too high on their own fumes to see what the majority of the American people want: to move on. If the Democrats are to assume the role of the “adult in the room” that they have been claiming to be for the past four years, does it not seem childish to impeach a former president who will likely never run for office again? Ignoring the relatively flimsy case that they have put forth to impeach Trump, the Democrats have chosen the opportunity of a highly viewed impeachment trial (which does not seem likely) over the option to pass the proposals that they have been fighting to enact for years. With unified control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, the Democrats have chosen to beat the dead horse of Trump to the jubilation of their voting base and to the chagrin of those suffering from the disastrous impacts of the COVID pandemic.  If the Democratic party would like to choose the sensationalism of an impeachment trial over the passing of promised legislation and bipartisan COVID relief within their first months of power, then the results of the midterm elections in 2022 will not be so kind to them.