The Unifying Impeachment

By Spaulding Bingaman

While Trump may have been acquitted in his second impeachment trial, the “unity” that the Biden campaign ran on throughout the election has delivered in a surprising twist of fate. Following the five-day impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, the country was unified under its shared disdain of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Ultimately deciding to vote to acquit Trump on the charges filed by the House of Representatives back in January, McConnell claimed that “there is no question” that President Trump “is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events” of the January 6th capitol riot but decided not to vote guilty because he felt as though the impeachment of a former president was unconstitutional.

Immediately, Democrats pounced on his statement by pointing out that McConnell was solely responsible for delaying the trial until after Trump had left office, thus rigging the impeachment from the outset. On the other side of the isle, Republicans have expressed similar distaste with McConnell’s indignation of Trump as it makes them look like hypocrites for delaying the impeachment trial. While Republicans are making the case that Trump did not incite the violence that followed his speech, McConnell’s contrary statements fracture the argument made by Trump’s attorneys and further deepen the divide between the establishment and Trump-inspired Republicans.

Although the schism between the progressive and traditional Democrats has led to some political fallout, the Democratic Party has unified behind President Biden while Republicans continue to bicker over the past president. Ultimately, the second impeachment trial of President Trump was a wash for Republicans and Democrats as it served purely as a quick political hit on the fractured legacy of former President Trump.