Chocolate House: New Jersey’s Best Dessert Shop

By Sam Bertini, CEO of Tabr

Spring is in full swing, and as summer beckons and states reopen as Covid cases continue to decline, eateries are set to enjoy an unprecedented boom. Diners in search of a refuge from rising temperatures and pesky East Coast humidity will doubtlessly turn their attention toward establishments serving all sorts of refreshing snacks, from ice cream to milkshakes. Options are numerous and the competition is intense, but after conducting a wide-ranging search, we have conclusively identified New Jersey’s top dessert shop: Chocolate House in Paterson, NJ. We came for the ice cream and stayed for…well, just about everything else. 

Founded by Rashad Alawi and Hazem Asad, Chocolate House boasts a diverse, exotic menu with desserts so delicious that they leave you almost guilty that they’re so affordable. From shakes to crepes to waffles, every item is a creative culinary innovation, the only downside being that you’re inevitably going to feel compelled to sample the rest of the menu. It’s no surprise that customers of Chocolate House have flooded the Internet and local communities with glowing word of mouth appraisals, helping the establishment make a big name for itself in the short period of time it’s been open. 

If the amazing desserts don’t keep you coming back, the hip and fashionable store aesthetic will — clearly, Chocolate House views more than just their food as art. Customers are free to take their desserts to go, but once they experience the buzzing atmosphere and the hospitality of the incredibly kind and attentive staff, I’m sure they’ll want to make time to soak in the vibe and dine in.  

During our interview with Owner Hazem Asad, he stressed how much of a passion project the shop is for him and his business partn  er, and outlined ambitious plans for expansion in the future. In addition, he detailed how he and his partner had come from New York City, and sought to bring a taste of diversity and excitement from the Big Apple to Patterson, NJ.  “When I found out my two baby boys love chocolate as much as I do, I just had to open up our own Chocolate obsessed shop,” Mr. Asad said. 

Located on 131 Main Street, Paterson, NJ, Chocolate House will blow your taste buds away. Check out their instagram @chocolatehousenj for in-depth descriptions of their offerings, but whatever you do, don’t check it out with an empty stomach unless you plan on immediately paying Chocolate House a visit.