Dangerous Snow Storm Hits NJ

By Sam Bertini, CEO of Tabr

According to several news outlets, Governor Phil Murphy has encouraged individuals to remain at home and not wander out on the streets as a furious winter storm is pummeling parts of the state with tall snow aggregates that will continue to accumulate throughout the day.

So far, there have been few power outages recorded, although the wind gusts are expected to increase during the day. 

In the northern half of New Jersey on Monday, the second and much more impactful portion of the current winter storm is anticipated to drop at least another foot of snow and probably 24 inches. 

Murphy proclaimed Sunday night a state of emergency and that remains in place. 

Forecasters have scaled down expected accumulation totals for South Jersey and areas along the Jersey Shore, though flooding is still a concern. 

According to the New York office of the National Weather Service, which offers forecasts for five New Jersey areas, the northeastern part of the state could get hit the hardest, with more than 20 inches of snow for those heavily populated areas.

Although there have been very few power outages so far, later on Monday, wind gusts of up to 50 mph could cause problems. Many schools have either closed or training will be provided remotely on Monday. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled at area airports and much of the NJ Transit service has been halted. 

Furthermore, because of the weather, several coronavirus vaccination sites are closed.