New Jersey Covid Vaccine Recipients To Get Free Beer

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced the “Shot and a Beer” program on Monday, with the goal of incentivizing New Jersey residents over the age of 21 who haven’t gotten vaccinated to do so in exchange for a free pint. 

So far, more than 3 million people in the state of nearly 9 million have been fully vaccinated. Murphy wants adults in New Jersey to be vaccinated at a rate of 70%.

The concept of receiving a free shot or beer in exchange for getting vaccinated is not new, but the Democratic governor is the first to announce any type of statewide buy-in. 

As of now, 13 bars and breweries have signed up for the program, with more expected to follow suit soon. The program is all part of Murphy’s plan to have 4.7 million residents fully vaccinated by the end of next month. According to the most recent data from the New Jersey Health Department, 3.2 million residents are fully vaccinated.