NJ Lifts COVID-19 Indoor Mask Mandate For Fully Vaccinated People

Governor Phil Murphy stated that he wanted to ensure that the regulations were in place for Memorial Day weekend.   

The guidelines was adopted roughly two weeks earlier in New York and Connecticut. Because some localities still have less than a 50% immunization rate, the governor said he hoped to see more immunizations before eliminating the mask rule.   

However, as of Friday, you may choose whether or not to wear the mask. 

“If you feel more comfortable wearing your face mask when shopping or waiting for your table at a restaurant, by all means you may continue to do so,” Governor Murphy said. “No one should mistake lifting the indoor mask mandate as meaning you cannot wear a mask indoors. You certainly may.”  

Governor Murphy stayed firm in his decision to postpone eliminating the mask requirements, claiming that, unlike other states that have had to reverse limitations lifted when infection rates climbed, New Jersey has never had to reverse any reopening decisions.