NJ Seeing Major Decline in Covid Cases

COVID-19 cases have dropped dramatically in New Jersey, where the virus was actually circulating at a faster rate than anywhere else in the US.

In fact, according to the New York Times, the state’s average number of new daily residents has dropped by 61 percent in recent weeks.

The number of cases in New Jersey is decreasing in lockstep with the rest of the world. However, the state’s deterioration is the most rapid in the country, and the rate of new daily cases per person is now slightly higher than the national average.   

New York, which has seen a 48 percent drop, is second, followed by Michigan, which, despite a 41 percent drop, still has the highest rate of new cases in the world. In Puerto Rico, cases are also down 61 percent.

New Jersey’s steady decline comes as the state prepares for a large reopening on May 19, when it will remove almost all of its remaining virus restrictions, including most power restrictions.