Viral Video Shows Women Making ‘Transphobic’ Rant at New Jersey Restaurant

The video shows the vice principal of a New Jersey school throwing alcohol at a table of customers who were filming his wife’s “transphobic” rant over the weekend. 

It occurred in Smithville, New Jersey, at Fred and Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant and Tavern. broke the news first, identifying the pair as Lisa and Michael Smurro of Freehold, New Jersey. 

The lady who started filming the video just wishes to be known as Carrie. She said she overheard Lisa Smurro moaning about a transgender woman using the women’s bathroom.

“She’s a man using my bathroom,” she says.

The woman can then be heard saying how you are either born male or female.

“There was a man pissing in the women’s bathroom,” Lisa Smurro tells the waitress. “She’s a man. She’s a man.”

The feud concluded with the Smurros fleeing and Michael Smurro, vice principal of a middle school in Neptune, New Jersey, hurling alcohol at Carrie and her fiance.

“I would like to see justice for the LGBTQ community, respect for them. I think Lisa and Mike Smurro need to be held accountable for their remarks,” said Carrie.

The Neptune School District said in a statement, “This event is troubling as its perception potentially threatens the social-emotional well-being and climate of belonging that our Neptune School District community represents. Although we cannot comment on the details of confidential personnel matters, we can say the Board of Education and Administration are taking this matter seriously.”

Tony Coppola, the owner of the Smithville business, says that his staff has been shaken up since the incident.

“We have a diverse staff and I think a lot of them took this personally. All are welcome here and we just ask that you treat one another kindly, and if you can’t do that, take your hate somewhere else,” said Coppola.